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An article that addresses gender identity issues, including transgender

Freedom from shame

Shame is no respecter of person. Shame cares little if you develop into someone who goes on to achieve a successful career or into someone who endures a life-long struggle to hold down any form of gainful employment. Shame isn’t interested in how you present to the world; for its kingdom and dominion is within. Shame is the ever-present voice that reminds you of your ‘real’state, that of being unlovable, unworthy and inherently flawed. Shame is the voice that terrifies you into silence.

"God and the Transgender Debate"

Andrew T Walker has written a warm and pastoral book on the issue of transgender. He starts out by setting out the context of cultural trends, gender language and where we get our authority from.

A brief critique of Queer Theology

This article offers a brief critique of the movement known as queer theology, by analysing two of its main distinctive features. The two distinctive features we will analyse are firstly the broadness of queer theology and its unity of purpose and secondly, its aim of blurring boundaries in the areas of sex and gender.

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