The continuing journey: hope and healing in our lives

In this article, the authors examine some 'next steps' for those who feel they might have stalled in their journey of hope and healing.

Why did you first contact TfT? What were you hoping for?

  • Understanding from others with similar problems?
  • Acceptance and support in your daily walk with Christ?
  • Help in your current single or married situation?
  • Help to develop healthier same-sex friendships?
  • Help on the road to marriage?
  • Healing of your ‘root' issues?
  • Change of orientation?

It may have been quite a few of the above, or something we've forgotten to mention, but we suspect that most of us probably wanted some degree of ‘healing' or ‘cure'. But what exactly do we mean by this?

by Jim and Steph, TfT Voluntary Workers (November 2008)