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Book Reviews

Book Reviews

We have selected these books below as being helpful and biblical. Please click on an image for a full review and more details about the book.

This book is aimed at helping same-sex attracted believers to hold on to a biblical, orthodox view of sexuality, and to walk that narrow way. The style of the book is easy, informal and conversational. It blends together relevant autobiography, popular culture references, good biblical exposition, accessible theological reflection, and wise, practical, pastoral counsel.

This is a brilliant book, which is well worth reading by all modern Christians. It addresses all sorts of issues more generally covered by the question, "How can I possibly do what God is asking of me?" in contexts where you can always find somebody who will tell you that, "God isn't really asking that of you."

“Walking with Gay Friends” equips friends, families and the wider church to understand and reach out to gay people. Alex’s desire is to write a book to help people share their faith with people from the gay community. That means she treads on controversial ground! But she does so in a sensitive and compassionate way.

This book would be suitable for just about anyone and is ideal for a first book to read on this subject, although Sam Allberry does have some great insights for any reader. It's a great book to buy and give away or lend, since it only takes an hour or so to read.

In this book, Barry Danylak takes the reader through the progression of singleness across the whole Bible. He starts by examining the issue of singleness vs marriage in the Old Testament. When he reaches the New Testament, the centrality of child-bearing is removed and the barren and the eunuch may know the perfect sufficiency provided in Christ.