Can I be a gay Christian?

Living as a Christian with homosexual desires is not easy, but the testimony of many within TfT is that is certainly possible and amazingly can have real rewards in terms of spiritual and character growth. Sexual feelings are often really expressing a desire for love that goes deeper than the sexual attractions. However, God has created us ‘not to be alone’ and therefore we each need to work how He can help us to meet this need through Godly relationships, based on our value as God's children.

Some Christians (eg Joshua Gonnerman and Wesley Hill) identify as being 'gay' or a 'celibate gay Christian' to describe their sexual attractions. Others (eg Daniel Mattson) avoid using the word 'gay', as it is often used to describe a whole identity, and prefer the longer (but arguably more accurate) description as a 'Christian who has same-sex attractions'. We recommend a book The End of Sexual Identity that looks at this issue in more depth.

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