Is it possible for a gay person to become straight?

“All things are possible”, but perhaps it is better to ask “How likely is it?”, and even perhaps “How necessary is it?” Many gay people desire to be straight, but is just being straight, a godly goal? For the Christian exchanging one set of sexual temptations for another set, is not really much progress in terms of living a life that gives glory to God. We must at least look beyond the world’s view of sexuality and ask what does God require of me? Perhaps too easily we assume God requires heterosexuality – but scripture puts it differently and talks about faithfulness to God in restraining sexual behaviour outside of marriage. All of us are asked to behave within sexual boundaries. The bible does not seem to mention orientation or attractions.

If marriage is not in God’s plan for us, does sexual orientation matter too much? And if marriage is in God’s plan for us, there are many within TfT who can testify that He is able to create a faithful and loving covenant commitment including the sexual element for us towards our spouse, without the need for a general sexual attraction to the opposite sex. Our real need is to be attracted to the one person, not to the many. Perhaps this question challenges the modern assumptions about the labels we attach to our sexuality and asks us to focus less on what we perceive our needs to be and more on the true essentials of living a holy life. It is certainly possibly to live in a happy and fulfilling marriage and yet continue to battle with same sex attraction. Heterosexuality is not a pre-requisite to marriage.

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