What can I do to break free from pornography?

Pornography is a huge issue in modern society for both men and women, with trends such as availability of the internet, increasing isolation, and the use of sexual images in advertising all putting pressure on us to think lustfully about others. However, Jesus is clear (Matthew 5:27-30) that lusting after another person is as wrong as committing adultery with him/her.

Pornography, like other addictive behaviours, thrives where a person has the opportunity to look at images in isolation. So making yourself more accountable can be one element of the solution, perhaps by using filtering/blocking/accountability software or by permanently moving your computer into a shared room with the screen facing outwards. However, for freedom from pornography to last you need to love someone more than you love the images on the computer screen. This might be by investing more in your relationships (particularly if you are married), but ultimately by finding deep satisfaction in your relationship with God.

Setting Captives Free offer free online courses such as The Way of Purity (specifically for pornography) and Door of Hope (focusing on homosexuality), where you work through Bible passages with an online mentor. These courses can be helpful if you are prepared to be wholehearted about breaking free from pornography.

Recommended books for further reading include Tim Chester's book Captured by a Better Vision (£8.99), Gerald Coates' book Sexual Healing (£6.99), and Rachel Coyle's booklet Help! She's Struggling with Pornography (£2): we stock all of these books for sale. You could also look at our Personal Internet Healthcheck article to reflect on your overall use of the internet.

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