Will healing prayer / deliverance remove my homosexual attractions?

Christians should pray and seek prayer about any issue.  God is interested in everything about us and asks us to “cast our cares upon Him” (1 Peter 5:7).  As Creator of the Universe, He is able to do all things.  Above all though, His purpose for us is that we become more Christ-like.  However His answers to our prayers will always be designed to enable us to grow into Christ-like maturity.

So prayer can often be more about changing our reactions and responses to situations than it is about changing the circumstances in which we find ourselves.  For this reason, we find God answering our prayers in His way rather than the way we ask or would like.

Overcoming a difficulty or situation does not necessarily mean it is removed.  Jesus did not have the Cross removed from Him, but He did triumph over it.  The victory that we seek and that God gives to us rarely means we are no longer tempted or need to endure difficulty, but he can and does enable us to enter into His overcoming power.

This is also true in the area of deliverance.  We know that the enemy is at the heart of all sin, but the experience of the majority of people struggling with sexual issues is that “deliverance ministry” alone fails to deal with the issue.  Where people have been involved in occult practice, this can sometimes be helpful, but nowhere in scripture do we have an example of a sexual sin issue being “cured” by exorcism.  Whilst testimonies exist of such events, they are rare and as such are unreliable as a methodology.  It is generally much more fruitful to gain a deeper understanding of the ways in which sin (ours and/or that of others) has worked in our lives and to work on forgiveness, repentance and renunciation as a means to overcoming sexual addictions and behaviours.

One of the key functions of the Holy Spirit is to be our counsellor (John 14:26).  He is the one who truly knows us as no one else.  We can seek His help directly, or through wise counsel of prayer partners who are also seeking Him on our behalf.

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