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Central London

Exiles on this Earth: Thriving as God’s People in Challenging Times

COVID-19 Notice: We are currently still accepting bookings for this conference. We are monitoring government and medical advice, and a decision will be taken on the viability of our meeting no later than Friday 1st May. A full refund or transfer to a new date will be available if we are unable to meet.

Christians are increasingly viewed as holding values that are contrary to those of our society. The Bible tells us that we are exiles during our earthly lives (eg 1 Peter 2:11). At this conference, we will be encouraging Christians living in a post-Christian culture to stay hopeful and to continue believing in God's good design for relationships. We will be offering a number of seminars exploring how best to respond to the various dilemmas we face in living out our faith before a hostile world.

This one day conference is being held in collaboration with our friends at Living Out and is for Christians who experience same-sex temptations along with their friends, family, church leaders and youth workers. This event is not intended for children and any person under the age of 18 years old should be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Main Sessions

God’s Word is Good

How can we know that God’s sexual ethic is good, particularly when contrasted with the alternative ethics offered in our culture today? This apologetic style talk will encourage us not to falter in our convictions and equip us better to share those convictions with others.

You Are Not Alone

As churches and individuals depart from God’s good word, SSA believers can be left with feelings of abandonment and loneliness. Drawing on examples from The Bible and church history, this session will aim to encourage us in the moment and give us the resources/ skills to encourage ourselves in the future too as this - potentially - happens more and more.

Seminar Options

Should I wear a rainbow lanyard? - Responding well to pressure to affirm a certain ideology

Should I stay or should I go? - What to do if your church drifts towards liberal theology

How should I describe myself?Comparing terms like “Celibate Gay” and “Same-Sex Attracted"