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Central London

Exiles on this Earth

Christians are increasingly viewed as holding values that are contrary to those of our society. The Bible tells us in 1 Peter 2:11 that we are exiles during our earthly lives. At this conference, we will be encouraging Christians living in a post-Christian culture firstly to deepen our joy and faith in following Jesus, our Living Hope. Secondly, we’ll be unpacking how we can continue to believe in God's good design for relationships, in the midst of a world increasingly dismissive of Christian morality. There will also be the opportunity to interact with our speakers through question and answer times.

We are planning for this event to be an in-person gathering in central London. If that is not possible, the event will go ahead online instead. We will publish our decision on the event format by 1st May 2021, in order to give delegates enough time to book travel and/or accommodation.

Join the waiting list and we'll be in contact in May to confirm how the event is taking place so you can buy your ticket. The cost for the in person event will be £25 (or £15 for unwaged / low waged).  If we have to change the conference to online format then the fee will be £10. A shortened recording will be available after the conference if it goes ahead in person.