Book Review: Homosexuality and the Christian

book coverHomosexuality and the Christian: A Guide for Parents, Pastors and Friends
by Mark Yarhouse
Sept 2010
240 pages
£10.99 (£8.40 Kindle)

In Homosexuality and the Christian: A Guide for Parents, Pastors and Friends, Mark Yarhouse gives honest and accurate answers to parents, pastors and friends who have questions about homosexuality. He carefully develops a useful and clear three-tier distinction between "same-sex attraction", "homosexual orientation" and a "gay identity."

In a clear and compassionate style, he explains the research regarding what causes same-sex attraction and whether or not it can be overcome.

Book Review: Love into Light

book coverLove into Light: The Gospel, the Homosexual and the Church
by Peter Hubbard
Publisher: Ambassador
175 pages
June 2013
£8.00 (£6.81 Kindle edition)

Now and again there comes a book into my life which, despite my reservations and pre-conceived ideas, makes an impact. This book has convinced me that I need to be more expectant and responsive. It has shown me that in Jesus Christ I am a son of God, and nothing can change that fact.  

What has brought about this effect?