Book Review: The Plausibility Problem

plausibility problem‘The Plausibility Problem - The church and same-sex attraction'
by Ed Shaw
176 pages
Published by IVP in Feb 2015

This is a brilliant book, which is well worth reading by all modern Christians. Its applicability goes far beyond the issues of same-sex attraction - indeed I'm thinking about giving a copy to a straight Christian friend who, still single and really wanting to be married, is considering going out with somebody who isn't a Christian. It addresses all sorts of issues more generally covered by the question, "How can I possibly do what God is asking of me?" in contexts where you can always find somebody - even a Christian - who will tell you that "God isn't really asking that of you." (cf Genesis 3).

Katie's Story - Facing the Mirror

Facing the mirror

facing the mirrorMy first conscious thought of the possibility that I could be attracted to other girls entered my head when I was thirteen. It was a fleeting thought because I immediately suppressed it. I was unable to deal with the possibility that I may have feelings that I have only ever heard of as disgusting and unnatural at both church and at home, and I simply denied it. I continued to deny it for ten years. Throughout my teens I lived in hope that my lack of attraction to guys was because I had yet to meet the right one.