Book Review: True Friendship

book coverTrue Friendship
by Vaughan Roberts
Published by 10Publishing
November 2013
95 pages
£4.99 (Kindle edition £2.49, available from

We really liked this book.  With only 80 pages divided into six chapters it does not take long to read. This small book does not attempt to cover the topic of friendship in great detail, but rather acts as a stimulus for reflection both as individuals and in groups. As its author writes in the introduction,

You will gain most from the book if you pause to think and pray as you read.

The Church - Problem or Solution?

By Jonathan, TfT Director.     This article was originally published in the Autumn 2012 newsletter.

church groupIn the course of my work within True freedom Trust I’ve listened to a number of very sad and sometimes quite disturbing accounts of how individuals struggling with issues of same-sex attraction have been treated within their church. Many of us will have our own stories of being harshly judged, or rejected, or misunderstood by our brothers and sisters in Christ.

I’ve encountered parents who’ve been asked to leave a church because their son or daughter has embraced a gay identity. I’ve met church leaders and youth workers who’ve been hounded out of a fellowship because they’ve admitted to struggling with same-sex attractions, even though they’re fully committed to living according to the biblical teaching on sexual purity. I’ve come across many single people who feel immense pressure to get married from Christians who are unaware of their struggle (and sometimes from those who are aware!) I’ve spoken with young people struggling with their sexuality, who’ve left the church because of homophobic or insensitive comments made by their youth leaders.