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It can be tempting to jump straight to thinking that if you have effective filter or accountability software on your computer, then your relationship with the internet must be healthy, but this article examines our overall approach to interacting online by asking some personal questions in six different areas and then offering some suggestions for redeeming your time online using the same categories.

The intention here is not to portray the internet as being bad in itself, but rather to help each of us grow in self-awareness and to use our time online in increasingly intentional, authentic, accountable and godly ways.

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You may want to look at the questions in this article on your own, since many of them are quite personal. However, if you’re serious about bringing your internet usage fully into the light (1 John 1:7), these questions may also be a useful basis for a discussion with your spouse, friend, homegroup, pastor/minister etc. Also, talking them through with someone who knows you well may help you to grow in understanding of behaviours that are not obvious to yourself.

Why not share these questions with someone you trust and use the questions to hold each other to account?


This article was first published in three parts in the Summer, Autumn and Winter 2011 members’ newsletters.

Thanks to all the TfT members who helped with this article by letting me know their experiences.

The details about software products in this article are intended to be accurate at the time of writing, and are included in good faith. Since these products are regularly changing, please check them yourself


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