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Honey From The Rock Online Conference

In 2020, we made several attempts to hold our "Honey from the Rock" events in person, but they all had to be delayed because of COVID-19. In order to avoid any more delays, we will present this as an online conference in February 2021. The event will run from mid-morning to mid-afternoon, and we will plan for enough breaks and interaction to make it a really engaging and encouraging time together.

Psalm 81:16 says, "with honey from the rock I would satisfy you." Writing about this verse, Tim Keller observes, "even hard times and suffering ('the rock') will produce spiritual growth and the sweetness of fellowship with him ('honey')."

At our "Honey from the Rock"  conferences we will explore ways of holding fast to biblical truths of morality and sexuality despite the attractions and temptations which do not die easily for the same-sex attracted man or woman; how to support other Christians in such struggles; and how to reach out in truth and love to the wider LGBTQ community. 

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