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Shropshire, England

National Conference 2019

In 2019, our annual National Conference will be from Friday 4th to Sunday 6th October.

Bishop Keith Sinclair

Our speaker for our 2019 National Conference will be Bishop Keith Sinclair. He will be teaching us from the books of 1 and 2 Thessalonians and exploring some questions with us:

  • What was the relationship between apostle and people that we see in these letters? What is our experience?
  • What questions were raised by living in the ancient world about Christ’s lordship and coming again? What are our questions and where do we find encouragement?
  • How did the Thessalonians learn from their encounters with the living God, and from the outworking of his grace and the expectation of his glory?

Bishop Keith will also be helping us to apply the Thessalonian experience to what TFT members find in their local churches.

Bishop Keith Sinclair originally hailed from London and worked as a solicitor before ordination in the Church of England in 1984. He was a curate in a Birmingham inner-city parish while also serving part-time as a chaplain in a children’s hospital. Bishop Keith went on to serve as a vicar for over 18 years in Coventry and Birmingham before being consecrated as Bishop of Birkenhead in 2007. He is a long term supporter of True Freedom Trust and describes his passions as “evangelism, justice and renewal”. He is married to Rosie, a part-time lecturer in Law and they have three children. Bishop Keith enjoys rugby, walking and watching films while his musical tastes include black gospel music and the work of Johann Bach.

Seminar options

A choice of three seminars will be on offer late Saturday afternoon:

  1. Crash Course: What Does The Bible Say About Same Sex Relationships?
    It’s helpful to be reminded of what we believe and why we believe it. Maybe you’ve been challenged by revisionist perspectives. Maybe you have questions on the historic/ orthodox Christian perspective. Or it could be that you would like to know how to articulate the biblical teaching on sexual ethics more effectively. Join Rob and another member of the TFT speaking team as they seek to unpack what the Bible says on this topic. They will be giving an overview of the biblical teaching, answering objections to it, and there will be plenty of time for questions and discussion too.
  2. Sharing Life Together
    For those who struggle with the prospect of long-term singleness and celibacy, how should this affect their expectations of sharing everyday life with others? For example, is it realistic to expect to build strong friendships? Would it be wise to share a house with others of the same-sex? Several members will share their varying thoughts and experiences, with plenty of opportunity for discussion and asking questions.
  3. Biblical Marriage With Same Sex Attraction: Is getting married an option for people like us?
    If that question interests you (or scares you to the core!) then please join us for this seminar. We'll look at Biblical marriage and explore what a healthy marriage looks like. In building a picture of a healthy biblical marriage that goes beyond just sex, we'll explore where we may bring strength and experience that might make marriage viable. Led by SSA Christians in healthy marriages.


The event will be held at a conference centre in Shropshire, England. Details will be confirmed upon booking.


The cost of attending the whole weekend is £165 per person, with other options available for those only able to come for part of the time. A 25% discount is available to active Voluntary Workers and Trustees, with a 50% discount available for the unwaged/unemployed.


By restricting attendance at our events to Members, who have all agreed with our Basis and Code of Confidentiality, we ensure our events are safe for those attending to share in confidence. If you are already a TFT member, please click below to book your place:

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