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Pressing On: Despite our Frailties

Stuart, you're going to be looking at one of the big challenges in our first talk. Can you just tell us a bit about what you're going to be speaking on?

So for the first talk of the day, I'll be looking at the idea of pressing on despite our frailties.


Now sometimes because of past failures and sins we can be quite burdened by a sense of shame or guilt and I'll be recognising that, and seeing that maybe if we look to the future that can be quite daunting about how do we kind of hold to a biblical pattern for living when it just seems so daunting.


So I'll be looking in the Bible at some characters who face trying circumstances and how did they manage to hold on to their hope in God, despite that.”

At the "Pressing On" days, we will be unpacking Hebrews 12 and embracing its call to "throw off everything that hinders" and to fix our eyes on Jesus "so that [we] will not grow weary and lose heart".

Here are the provisional talk titles for the day:

  • Pressing on... despite our frailties (Stuart Parker)
  • Pressing on... as part of the church (local speaker for each venue)
  • Pressing on... in a world of temptation (Rob Wood)

The conference fee includes tea and coffee at breaks. Please either bring your own lunch or buy it locally on the day.

We are holding this event four times in 2019, at four cities around the UK. Click the button below for more information at the online booking page:

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