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Pressing On: Within The Church

After I've done my talk, we're gonna be having a guest speaker at each of the venues. and that talk will be covering 'pressing on within the church'.


Now for many, the church can be a really encouraging, positive experience. But for some particularly those who've, struggled maybe with same-sex temptations or questions around their gender; the church can feel judgmental or the balance of teaching can be quite heavy on those people, and maybe feel like it's a bit lighter on more mainstream struggles, like pornography or sex before marriage.


So we won't be looking to criticise the church, but we want to help people to gently challenge those inconsistencies, and find the support and community that they need.”

At the "Pressing On" days, we will be unpacking Hebrews 12 and embracing its call to "throw off everything that hinders" and to fix our eyes on Jesus "so that [we] will not grow weary and lose heart".

Here are the provisional talk titles for the day:

  • Pressing on... despite our frailties (Stuart Parker)
  • Pressing on... as part of the church (local speaker for each venue)
  • Pressing on... in a world of temptation (Rob Wood)

The conference fee includes tea and coffee at breaks. Please either bring your own lunch or buy it locally on the day.

We really enjoyed our first day conference in Belfast and look forward to seeing as many as possible at the upcoming dates in Bristol, London and Edinburgh. Click the button below for more information at the online booking page:

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