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Rob answers questions about his life

This interview was filmed at the 2017 IFES Conference in Germany. Rob Wood, TFT's Head of Speaking and Teaching, answers these questions about his own life:

  • 'Rob, tell us a bit about yourself'
  • 'Can you tell us about your journey of being a Christian who experiences same-sex attraction?'
  • 'So, you tried to believe the Bible said something different on this subject?'
  • 'Some say that people choose to experience same-sex attraction. Did you choose to experience these attractions?'
  • 'Some say that we just need to "pray the gay away" - what do you think?'
  • 'How should we view the gift of singleness?'
  • 'What would you say to someone who experiences same-sex attraction and wants to respond in a way that's faithful to Christ?'
  • 'Any final thoughts you would like to share?'