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Steadfast Day Conferences

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About the conference

In recent memory, it has never been harder to hold to a biblical sexual ethic. Those that do face opposition from all sides, both inside and outside of the church. The prevailing culture now teaches that the cost of discipleship in this area is so great that it’s harmful.

Our faith and our sexualities are two of the most personal parts of our lived experience. Some may feel worn out that the way they have chosen to reconcile the two is the subject of such intense scrutiny. Others may now be seriously doubting the truth or goodness of the Bible’s teaching.

King David was one man who knew a thing or two about facing opposition. These day conferences will focus on three of his Psalms, and will remind us of God’s goodness as we remain steadfast in Him.

Click on your preferred venue below to find about more about the talks/speakers and book online.

Those unable to pay online can register by contacting the TFT office on 0151 653 0773

Talks & Speakers

We will be joined by a range of local speakers as well as members of the TFT Staff/Volunteer team at each venue. Please click the booking link for your preffered venue below to find out more. Each location will be running the following talks:

Talk 1: Steadfast in our Waiting

In Psalm 27, David is hard pressed by his adversaries, however, he remains confident in the Lord and looks to Him as his “light and salvation”. This talk will explore some of the ways we might feel particularly hard pressed in our ever-changing culture and encourage us to both remember God’s previous goodness to us, and be expectant of the goodness that is to come.

Talk 2: Steadfast in our Wanting

Psalm 28 reminds us that our waiting on God will not be without difficulty. As Christians, we should expect to face ongoing opposition and temptation. This talk will explore the conflicting desires in our hearts. On the one hand, we want to honour God with body, mind and spirit, on the other there is a part of us that really wants to conform to this world. We’ll explore and give thanks for the many gifts God gives to His disciples to help them persevere.

Talk 3: Steadfast in our Worship

Psalm 29 will remind us of the power of the Lord and encourage us to worship in the “beauty of holiness”. But how can we interact with and build bridges with those around us who do not see the beauty of the Gospel's message? Psalm 29 is a Psalm that shows us not only God’s power but also the tenderness and intimacy He shows to His people. This talk will explore why these truths should cause us to rejoice and remind us what it is the Gospel has to offer to those who don’t yet look to the Lord.

Coming From Overseas?

We would be delighted to welcome visitors from overseas to the London Conference and will book a place at a restaurant for you on the evening of Friday June 17th and also hold a discussion group for you as part of the Conference on Saturday. Please indicate when booking for the London conference if you would like to be a part of this.

Book Merseyside - 21st May 2022
Book London -18th June 2022