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In pursuit of Biblical Friendship: discovering the purpose, joys and pitfalls


Following the great success of the "Connected" Conference in February 2020, we will be holding an online Conference for TFT women members on Saturday 24th April 2021. The event will run from mid-morning to mid-afternoon, and we have created a varied programme to make the day as engaging as possible.

Jem writes: "At this year's Women's Conference we will be looking at the topic of friendship, which can be both a source of great joy and great pain. Does God have a vision for friendship, and how does that fit in with the Bible's other teaching on church family, community and fellowship? Specifically, how can we build, grow and maintain godly friendships if same-sex attraction is part of our experience? As Rachel Gilson writes, "We should be free to love and enjoy our friends without owning them or being owned by them, or without allowing them to fill all our emotional needs."

Over the course of several short talks we will explore what biblical friendship is (and isn't), define the purpose of friendship in our Christian lives and work through strategies for navigating common friendship difficulties.

Four talks:

  1. Friendship foundations
  2. The purpose of human friendship
  3. Friendship difficulties
  4. Overcoming issues and building healthy friendships

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