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Church leaders commendations

What Christian leaders are saying

TFT are remarkable in their stand both for truth and for those affected by sexuality and gender struggles. They speak truth with grace and compassion and minister wonderfully well. Their ministry is essential in the world we live in and worthy of our honour and support.
Gary Breaks, Pastor
TFT are remarkable in their stand both for truth and for those affected by sexuality and gender struggles. They speak truth with grace and compassion and minister wonderfully well. Their ministry is essential in the world we live in and worthy of our honour and support.
Gary Breaks, Pastor, The Potter's House, Stewarton
TFT are remarkable in their stand both for truth and for those affected by sexuality and gender struggles. They speak truth with grace and compassion and minister wonderfully well. Their ministry is essential in the world we live in and worthy of our honour and support.
Gary Breaks, Pastor, The Potter's House, Stewarton
The speaker was very clear with their message, patient and gracious with our questions, and sensitive enough to understand where we were coming from with our range of different views. They tailored the evening to our particular situation to create a really helpful evening, very well put together
Joey Redhead, Minister in Training, Alvechurch Baptist Church
It was a delight to welcome one of the TFT team to speak to us on Sunday, it was personal, relevant and biblically rigorus and they stayed around afterwards to take some (sometimes tough) questions. really helpful to me leading a Church wrestling with the issue of God's plan for sex within marriage
James Gandon, Vicar, St Andrew's, Sneyd Green
The TFT speaker served our church excellently by bringing both gentleness and clarity. Our church has really made some great steps towards being convinced of the goodness of the biblical sexual ethic and of the importance of welcoming and loving all people regardless of their sexuality or gender
Simon Dalton, Pastor, Hope Church Rhondda
TFT sent two excellent speakers to help us as a church thing biblically about issues of human sexuality. The evening was superbly run and has led to us, as a church, talking lovingly about how we can be a welcoming, loving church as we hold dearly to God's blueprint for relationships.
Martin Davy, Rector, Holy Trinity Theale
Our fellowship was greatly blessed by the recent visit of a speaker from TFT. What we learned about this important ministry and the work it does was deeply encouraging. The current cultural pressures facing the church in the area of sexuality make it vital that we support biblical organisations such as this one.
Steve Ridgeway, Pastor, Thornton Heath Evangelical Church
Our Sunday Service with a TFT speaker was brilliant! He put a nervous congregation at ease with his warmth and talked very helpfully about his story and the scriptures that impacted him. His compassion and emphasis on God's grace were extremely helpful. I'd definitely recommend - thank you!
Steven Ayers, Pastor, Kendal Road Baptist Church, Gloucester
We had a great time with our young people tackling difficult issues and questions. They were really engaged and showed it by asking some great questions.
Andy Clark, Associate Minister, St Botolph's Church
True Freedom Trust and their speakers are wonderful at sharing the good news of the Bible to the LGBT community and helping those who know God understand that biblical message as well as how to engage with this important group of people in our community in a loving, accessible and friendly way. We are much better equipped and inspired now for hearing from them.
Chris Kimbangi, Lead Pastor, Hope Church, Guildford
We recently had a training session with TFT. It was excellent - everything handled with clarity and a gracious attitude. TFT were very ease to liaise with and I would definitely recommend them as a very helpful resource in this vital and challenging area.
Tim Francis, Elder, Citygate Church, Bournemouth
We were really pleased to have Stuart with us for the day and with the way he related to the day conference group and answered questions. We appreciated the time he took to prepare case studies applicable to overseas mission situations.
Steve Bryant, Chairman of Global Connections TCK Forum
We held a human sexuality forum, led by TFT, the leader they sent was perfect, he was so sincere with extremely strong biblical content, easy to follow and listen to. He gave us great guidance. I can very highly recommend this ministry.
Rev Chris Collict, Minister, Holland-on-sea Baptist Church
Wow! This was one of the most worthwhile and valuable evenings we've hosted in church. It was so helpful having TFT come to visit. The guys did an amazing job handling both the subject and any questions with biblical truth and clarity, which was all communicated with genuine love. I can't recommend TFT enough! Have them come visit, you won't regret it.
Darryl Mallet, Pastor, The King’s Centre
I appreciate the way TFT bring both the raw honesty of personal experience and clear biblical principles to bear on such sensitive and controversial issues, in a gracious yet uncompromising way. Their voice needs to be heard in the current climate of intolerance and confusion.
Jonathan Dawson, Pastor, Fords Lane Evangelical Church
TFT delivered an excellent presentation on the whole subject of same sex attraction. They provided Biblical wisdom and understanding in a sensitive way and laid a foundation for coming alongside and providing support in a loving and non-judgemental way. Excellent training.
Phil Moore, Training Field Director, London City Mission
The biblically-driven and grace-filled ministry of TFT will always be very close to my heart. As someone who benefited personally and pastorally when I first came to faith in my early twenties, and subsequently served as a trustee and then as Director for a number of years, I'm delighted to warmly commend my former colleagues. If you have never had someone from TFT to teach at your church, I strongly encourage you to consider booking a speaker!
Jonathan Berry, Minister and Team Leader, Above Bar Church, Southampton
It was very good to hear someone speak on the issue of sexuality, in a way that was biblical, sensitive and relevant. We found it very helpful.
Graeme Fairbairn, (Former) Church Pastor, Wycliffe Baptist Church
Thanks for the great teaching and clear testimony of what God says in His Word. A message of love, grace and truth, spoken with love, and in grace and truth.
Alan Moore, Minister, Randalstown 2nd Presbyterian
The speaker from TFT gave a gracious and biblical presentation of the issues. I am sure everyone attending will go away with renewed confidence in God's love, the Bible's message and a desire to serve the Lord in their community.
Adam Laughton, Saved2Serve
The speaker was knowledgeable and gracious as he helped us think things through biblically and practically. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend input from TFT.
Jon Woodrow, Pastor, Grace Community Church, Stevenage
TFT offers a personal and profound message of clarity and hope for a world in such confusion over sexuality. We are honoured to know them and have their input at our church.
Gary Breaks, Pastor, Kilmarnock
When many people, including Christians, are confused about sexuality, TFT's ministry to those who experience same-sex attraction, and to the wider church, is vital.
Andrew Raynes, Vicar, Christ Church Blackburn
We booked a TFT speaker very aware we as a church needed experienced thought to help us engage culture and our families. The talk was clear, relevant, and provided a helpful biblical principles for inter-personal life. Particularly appreciated, was the speakers willingness to engage any church member with questions after the talk.
Dylan Marouf, Pastor, Newry Baptist Church
I have been engaged in this type of ministry for over 30 years. In that time, I have seen much change in Christian perception and witnessed the increased rejection of biblical truth by both organisations and individuals of previous good standing. But that is not the case with True Freedom Trust. For 40 years this ministry has stood firm offering biblical truth, pastoral support, and hope to those who struggle with same-sex attraction. I recommend this ministry without reservation.
Jeanette Howard, Author and Speaker
I have been aware of the work of TFT for some time. These brothers and sisters are performing a vital task of bringing biblical grace and truth to bear for those with same- sex temptations and gender dysphoria. I warmly commend their work.
Bishop Andy Lines, Missionary Bishop to Europe
Over the last half century there has been a huge revolution in attitudes to sex, marriage and human sexuality. Throughout this period, TFT has been a beacon of sensitive, balanced thinking and wise pastoral support. Countless numbers of Christians who want to remain faithful to classic Christian thought and teaching on sexuality have been helped. As this revolution continues to play out, their work and witness will become more important still and I’m deeply grateful for their wise and faithful ministry.
Glynn Harrison, Former Professor and Head of Department of Psychiatry, University of Bristol
Thanks so much for all you did last week at our youth camp. That was really appreciated, and very well received by the campers, who continued to chat about it as the week went on. Above all, thank you for your honesty and biblical faithfulness, and your gospel focus in all you do.
Jim Sayers, Communications Director, Grace Baptist Mission
TFT have long been the market-leaders in providing encouragement and support for same-sex attracted Christians like me. I’m eternally grateful for the Christ-like compassion and companionship my membership has brought me.
Ed Shaw, Ministry Director, Living Out and Pastor, Emmanuel City Centre, Bristol
As a same-sex attracted Christian I have benefited from the witness and teaching of TFT, and the time I have spent at TFT conferences with like-minded people has been a huge source of joy, fun and inspiration. They provide much-needed love, support and care from within a biblical framework in a world which often does not understand the counter-cultural way that Jesus calls us to live.
Sean Doherty, Principal, Trinity College
It is a privilege and pleasure to commend the great work that TFT does, both in upholding orthodox Biblical teaching on love, sex and marriage, and pastorally helping and supporting those who experience same-sex attraction to live faithfully as disciples of Jesus, the Son of God. In the present climate the work TFT does is supremely valuable.
Wallace Benn, Bishop of Lewes (retired)
TFT offers support, teaching, and encouragement for helping Christians live out their convictions on sexuality in the context of the local church. That’s exactly what we need today and so I’m delighted the True Freedom Trust exists and appreciate its work.
Graham Beynon, Head of Local Ministries, FIEC
The feedback from both staff and students from last week has been overwhelmingly positive. We much appreciated the strong biblical content in the sessions you led and comment has also been made about the way in which you both dealt with issues in a pastorally sensitive manner. Thank you for that investment of time and we trust you both went away feeling it was a day well spent.
Ian Coffey, Vice-Principal (Strategy), MA Course Leader and Director of Leadership Training (Moorlands College)
I get lots of materials from many different Christian organisations, but your newsletter Ascend is the one that I will read and reread. Your leader article was particularly helpful - encouraging and challenging and, as ever, extremely practical for all Christians, including myself, as we seek to resist temptation and walk with Jesus on the road of discipleship.
Andrew Patterson, Minister for Evangelism, Emmanuel Church, Chesham
The work of True Freedom Trust has been of huge value over the years in teaching God’s good design for sex and marriage and offering pastoral encouragement for Christians experiencing same-sex attraction. Its faithful, winsome witness is urgently needed in encouraging the church to hold firmly to God’s truth while caring deeply for his people.
Vaughan Roberts, Rector of St Ebbe’s Oxford
Thank you so much for coming to teach us and share your story with us. We very much appreciated your time with us, and the way that you warmly modelled truth and grace.
John Russell, Lead Minister of Cornerstone Church, Nottingham