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Ascend Higher: The Podcast

Articles in Ascend often need to be ruthlessly edited down to fit within the required word count. To give space to discuss certain articles in greater depth, the TFT staff team will be recording occasional podcasts under the banner “Ascend Higher”, covering the issues raised in a more conversational style. To hear it for yourself, you can use the audio player below, or find the corresponding articles toward the bottom of this page. Also look for us wherever you normally listen to your podcasts by searching "Ascend Higher".

Should I stay?

Stuart: We're going to be looking at what would happen if someone’s considering leaving their church or denomination because the leadership's departed from orthodox teaching. Do you have any general thoughts on this?

Ed: I'm part of the Church of England that is in the process of walking away from orthodoxy. My local church is my family. I’m the third generation of my family to work in an Anglican church. I’ve given the last 25 years of my life to serving churches.  
Leaving church is a big deal

How God set me free

In my late teens, I adopted a stray budgie that had flown in through my next door neighbour’s window and landed on his head whilst he was asleep. After trying unsuccessfully to locate the owner of the bird, I kept the budgie, naming it Wally (after the neighbour), not knowing that it was actually a female! Uneasy with keeping birds in cages, I left Wally’s cage door open for her to come and go as she pleased. She loved to have a fly around the room, but always returned to her cage after her excursions.

Emotional dependency podcast

In this extended conversation, Simon and Ruth discuss the theme of emotional dependency, where friendship turns into an unhealthy obsession with the other person. They share candidly from their own experiences of such relationships and how they found their way through the pitfalls to redeem what was good in the friendships.


"Sticky" arguments

Some revisionist theologians’ arguments have sticking power because they resonate with our cultural norms. Put another way, they are persuasive because they draw on modern Western values and assumptions. This brief article considers four “sticky” arguments and how to respond well from a biblical perspective. 

Are you a good waiter?

What sort of waiter are you? I’m not a very good one.

Have you ever joined in with a group singing, “Why are we waiting?” Perhaps you were hungry, the food had not yet arrived and you were impatient! We live in a culture of impatience.

He thinks he might be gay!

In this conversation, Jamie (a same-sex attracted TFT member) talks to his good friend Matt about how they have each encouraged one another through their friendship.

Finding my safe space

I came out to a couple of my non-Christian friends as “bi”, and I told them not to tell anyone else, which they respected.

Betrothed to Christ

As I was preparing it, I just sensed the Lord saying, “betrothed not married - betrothed". This interview with Jeanette explores the idea of being betrothed to Christ, particularly looking at the ancient Jewish betrothal process. Jeanette draws out the parallels with the situation of all Christians, as they await being fully united with Christ in the life to come.

Review: "Boy Erased" directed by Joel Edgerton

This film presents some shocking and damaging abuse of a young man Jared. Donald explains the impact the film had on him and whether he would recommend others to watch it.