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Ascend Higher: The Podcast


Articles in Ascend often need to be ruthlessly edited down to fit within the required word count. To give space to discuss certain articles in greater depth, the TFT staff team will be recording occasional podcasts under the banner “Ascend Higher”, covering the issues raised in a more conversational style.

Two members of the staff team, Stuart and Rob, recorded a pilot episode of “Ascend Higher” using Rob’s article from this edition, “Sacred Siblings”. The result is a discussion of roughly 30 minutes, and we’d be very interested in your feedback.

To hear it for yourself, use the audio player below. In the coming weeks this podcast will also be available by searching “Ascend Higher” wherever you get your podcasts. Once this happens, please subscribe to receive all future episodes.

Sacred Siblings

Sacred Siblings Podcast
There is something special when it comes to the bond between siblings. Join Stuart & Rob as they discuss Rob's article on Biblical Siblingship in this summer's edition of Ascend magazine.