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Art and sexuality podcast

videoIn this conversation, Ruth talks with Ros Clarke about how she uses art and craft to consider matters of sexuality, celibacy and singleness. She explores how art has been a way of bringing a message of biblical truth about sexuality to the church. She also shares how being single and celibate is challenging, but how she has ultimately found it to be a joyful way of living. 

Ros speaks about her video you can view it here or by clicking on the "my story matters too" image.

Below are a few examples of Ros' craft that address issues around sexuality and singleness. This includes the famous "Christ is better than sex" kneeler!

marry in faith cushionChrist is better than sex cushion













all good in the spinsterhood cushionall the single ladies cushion











This podcast was originally published with the Winter 2023 edition of the TFT magazine, Ascend. Click the button below to download your copy.

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To give space to discuss certain articles in greater depth, the TFT staff team will be recording occasional podcasts under the banner “Ascend Higher”, covering the issues raised in a more conversational style. To hear it for yourself, you can use the audio player below.