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two membersAnyone who approaches TFT can have access to our resources, one-to-one pastoral support, quarterly Ascend magazines as well as other mailings, and can attend many of our day conferences.

We reserve membership of TFT for those with a serious interest in progressing their commitment to the organisation and to discipling one another in a safe community. We are a community of Christians, with each member having a stake. In terms of culture, we are more like a membership association than a service provider. Whilst TFT employs a small staff team, they are there to serve the interests of the members and to further TFT’s charitable purposes.

Although they come from a range of church backgrounds, our members hold firmly to a common understanding of biblical sexuality, which the TFT Basis of Belief sets out. Members also agree to abide by the TFT Code of Confidentiality, which ensures that support groups and conferences are safe spaces to congregate without fear of having their beliefs undermined or their confidences betrayed. We also expect members to pray for our work and, where able, to support the ministry financially.

Membership gives the privilege of being able to join various closed groups, such as Barnabas Groups, Book Clubs and online support groups. It also provides access to the monthly prayer newsletter and weekly WhatsApp prayer broadcast. While many of our day conferences are open to all, we restrict some events to members only, such as the annual residential National Conference where we hold our annual members’ meeting.

Originally, membership of TFT was lifelong, but in 2021 we decided to limit it to five years in order to strengthen our sense of unity and commitment. We also needed to renew consent for holding personal data in line with our Privacy Notice. When the membership period expires, we will invite the person to renew their membership by reaffirming their agreement to our Basis of Belief and our Code of Confidentiality.

If you are not yet a member of TFT and would like to apply, please make contact with us:

Request Support

If you are an existing member of TFT and would like to renew your membership, please click below:

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