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What our Members are saying

What TFT has meant to Anne
What TFT has meant to Chris
I have had fairly regular contact with the TFT pastoral worker and am very happy to say that I have developed a great initial connection with him. This has helped me to open up about my many same sex questions and my Christian Faith. His support as been invaluable.
Meeting and talking with people who share my experience has been fantastic. I never realised how much I needed it until I came to the TFT conference. I feel very encouraged.
TFT has been a wonderful source of help and encouragement to us - a real lifeline of support and love. Always there when we have needed to chat or share our innermost thoughts - not only a lifeline but a "love line".
TFT has been encouraging and supportive in difficult times and helped me keep my focus on God.
[TFT is] a place to be open and honest and also accepted for who you are. Thank you for your support over the years.
TFT helped me realise that I am not alone and no-one should ever have to feel alone. This amazing group of people have welcomed me into their family, and for that I am very grateful. I have made new friends for life.
I love the healing fellowship and find the atmosphere so wonderful. It's sad when the TFT conference weekend ends. I love the worship and fellowship always encourages. The prayer and teaching is fantastic and healing.
TFT helped me learn I am loved by God and others, and has supported me for over twenty years as I seek to live a holy life. I look back and can't believe how far I've come.
TFT helped me to set healthy boundaries with men who have similar issues with same-sex temptations like me and to build strong relationships with men.
TFT is like a wonderfully supportive family for me. I have been involved for 20 years and the ministry was instrumental in me coming to faith, overcoming many struggles and growing more in love with Jesus.
Finding other people to talk to who are also trying to follow the orthodox biblical position despite sometimes overwhelming same-sex attraction has been a God-send.
A good reminder that what I’m going through is not uncommon to man. There is a real support group and pastoral care.
TFT has given me the safe place to understand myself and God's love more.
My first contact with TFT started when I was 27, struggling with same-sex attraction. When I look back I realise how supportive and encouraging it has been specifically with my Afro-Caribbean background. Today I am happy serving the Lord in full time ministry. I know God loves me and uses me for the advance of His kingdom.
Thank you so much again, for the support I have received from you already. It is such a relief to be able to communicate with other Christian men who have similar struggles as I do - something I have never been able to do so in my life. Hopefully, I will eventually be able to help others as much as I am helped :-)
A place to be safe, real and honest with myself and other Christians. TFT has helped to maintain my walk with God and has been a constant to refer to in my life.
Finding TFT has been key to God helping me to walk free of years of feeling nobody could ever understand my struggles. I finally know that I am not alone and have support to cope and can be of help to others.
I've felt supported by TFT - it is so tough struggling with SSA and choosing to live as God guides us. So I'm grateful for the companionship in the journey.
TFT has provided a place: a gathering of godly friendship, safety, confidentiality and God’s mercy and love and hope for faith in Christ to be celebrated and maintained.
I have been a member for over 12 years. The first event I attended was a London day conference. Since then I have attended National Conferences and been a member of a local Barnabas Group. TFT has removed from me the shame of same-sex attraction. It is great to be able to be open and honest with others and learn strategies for avoiding temptations. It really does get better.
TFT has provided a faithful place where I can share with others struggling with similar issues and receive Bible-based support and teaching.
TFT is a lifeline that reminds me that, although I struggle with same-sex attractions, God still loves me and wants me to live a life that lacks no good thing.
The first time I went to my Barnabas Support Group, I felt great relief and a lot of pain subsided - feeling free to speak and to listen to others.
If God hadn't led me to TFT I think my whole life would have fallen apart. The [National] conference is the highlight of my year and better than any holiday.
TFT has brought me into contact and fellowship with people struggling with the same issues and it is a great encouragement to know and feel that I'm not struggling on my own.
TFT provides me with people to talk to and be with who understand. They have a commitment to a great love for Father, Son and Spirit. I can see that people in TFT experience the great love our Father pours into their hearts. So that’s why they love and obey Him and follow Jesus rather than their other desires.
I was aware of my SSA in my teens, but lacked the vocabulary and Christian support until encountering TFT at Greenbelt in 1982 - the first time I had found anyone to listen or empathise.
Through TFT I have formed friendships that have transformed my life and walk with God. I have been blessed by fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and children in Christ over the last 25 years. Thank you.
Being with others at the TFT conference who have similar struggles was amazingly healing and encouraging for me personally. Seeing how God is working in and through the lives of those struggling was empowering and gave me food for thought.
I have found TFT to be a safe place and encouraging when most needed.
I have learned as much about myself from coming to TFT events as I have in any other setting I know.
As a parent of a son with same-sex attraction, TFT support has been lifesaving. It has helped understand same-sex issues more and is being valuable for us helping our son.
TFT has been a valuable source of help, support and encouragement. I have greatly benefited from the lives of members and staff.
Helped me to become more confident about my struggle with SSA and pointed me to the biblical truths about God's plan for human sexuality. Also helped me realise that I'm not on my own in my struggle.
Careful Bible teaching combined with a space to speak and be honest has enabled me to continue a challenging journey with Christ.
TFT has been my greatest support over many years. Help is always available, someone to talk to when I need and showing God's love in practical ways.
I've been a member of TFT for 10 years and it's my oasis in the desert. The highlight of my year. The truth really sets you free.
I sought help from TFT after hearing about them online. One of their pastoral team helped me through the whole ordeal. It was a very good thing. My dependency started to disappear, and things were good for a couple of years.
After marrying my SSA husband and then attending my first conference, I was so encouraged to meet others, many who understand and support our position and marriage. I couldn't imagine our marriage without the support we get from all at TFT. A place to be open, honest, broken and imperfect but always totally loved, never judged and always encouraged to stay the course and be true to God. I highly commend this ministry.
TFT has been a very significant part of my walk with God - from helping me as a young adult to come to terms with my sexuality, to reminding me of God's grace when I have struggled to believe in God's love for me. I have hugely valued the opportunity to share openly and the way that others have shared openly with me.
TFT provides me with help and encouragement to live a Bible-based Christian life.
I have found TFT over the last 11 years to be a safe, truthful, loving community in a world that finds my choice to abstain from same-sex relationship unacceptable, and where the wider church haven't understood my issues.
TFT has allowed me to meet people in similar situations. This has allowed good friendships to form, enabling me to walk better on my journey with God.