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Ascend Higher: The Podcast

Articles in Ascend often need to be ruthlessly edited down to fit within the required word count. To give space to discuss certain articles in greater depth, the TFT staff team will be recording occasional podcasts under the banner “Ascend Higher”, covering the issues raised in a more conversational style. To hear it for yourself, you can use the audio player below, or find the corresponding articles toward the bottom of this page. Also look for us wherever you normally listen to your podcasts by searching "Ascend Higher".

Betrothed to Christ

As I was preparing it, I just sensed the Lord saying, “betrothed not married - betrothed". This interview with Jeanette explores the idea of being betrothed to Christ, particularly looking at the ancient Jewish betrothal process. Jeanette draws out the parallels with the situation of all Christians, as they await being fully united with Christ in the life to come.

Review: "Boy Erased" directed by Joel Edgerton

This film presents some shocking and damaging abuse of a young man Jared. Donald explains the impact the film had on him and whether he would recommend others to watch it.

Is it wise to debate biblical sexuality?

This article is an edited extract from a much longer conversation about disagreeing well with those holding to a revisionist view of scripture. Stuart Parker was in conversation with Andrew Goddard for the Ascend Higher podcast. Andrew is an Assistant Minister at a church in London and a tutor in Christian Ethics. Over the last three years, he has deeply involved himself in the Church of England’s project “Living in Love and Faith”, which has brought together church leaders from both traditional and revisionist perspectives.

Dealing with Disappointments

It would be preferable to write the article “How I Dealt with Disappointment” as if I had gone through all the disappointment and come out the other side – “It’s in the past; just peace and joy from here on in.” Unfortunately, I would not be able to write that with much integrity. 

God Sets The Lonely In Families

I was grumbling at my heavenly Father about the anticipated lack of touch, instead of expectantly asking for his generous provision of companionship. But here were friends from church, at the end of a phone line, asking if I would like to join them, several times a week, till… whenever. It has been God’s gracious provision for me, even when I was too moody to ask for it.

Using Flags to Assess my Attractions to Other Women

I began using my red flag system back in the late 1980s. I converted to Christ in 1985 and, in response to the Bible’s teaching that all sexual activity was to be within the boundaries of marriage between a man and a woman, I walked away from the active gay life that I had been living. However, although I stopped the activity, this decision had no bearing on my emotional response towards various women.

Church Family are my Brothers and Sisters

How should we react to the description of Christians in Scripture as brothers and sisters? Three broad truths in the Bible are explored in this article – God is our Father; Adoption is by grace; Christians are family. In light of these truths, Rob encourages us to grow in our love towards our sacred siblings.