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Leaving a Legacy to TFT

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Thank you for considering a legacy gift to TFT. Your gift could help to provide many people with support and teaching, giving hope to Christians struggling with same-sex attractions. 

Making a will 

It is strongly advised that you use a solicitor to draw up your will. A will is a legal document and can be quite complex. It is essential that the will is legally correct, if not it could be deemed invalid. Your solicitor will guide you through the process and can ensure that your requests are carried out. 

Before visiting your solicitor consider the assets you have. These may include any property you own, its contents, specific items i.e. jewellery or antiques, bank accounts and also stocks and shares. Make a list of who you would like to receive gifts. By making your will and ensuring it is up to date you can put your affairs in order. This will help your family and friends when you are gone, as well as helping your chosen charity or charities.

Updating your will 

Over time your circumstances or wishes may change meaning that the will may need to be updated. It is good practise to review the will occasionally. Major changes may require a new will, but for minor changes you may be able to just add a codicil, which is simply added information. For updates, it is again advised that you use a solicitor. 

If you already have a will and simply wish to add a gift to TFT then you may be able to do this by codicil. Your solicitor can advise you on the best course of action. 

How to include TFT in your will

When leaving a legacy to a charity it is essential that you quote its full name and registered charity number. So, in our case, that will be True Freedom Trust, registered charity no. 1159015.

If you intend to leave a donation to True Freedom Trust in your will, we would be most grateful if you would let us know. Please either contact us online or call the office on 0151 653 0773. 

Free Wills

Did you know that there are several schemes running across the UK that could help you have your will prepared free of charge? You may wish to look at the following schemes:

Free Wills Month - October (March in some areas of the UK inc London) -

This is a scheme sponsored by several UK charities for people aged 55+. Solicitors will prepare for free (at the hope you will leave a bequest to charity).

Will Aid - November -

This is like the scheme above, but with no age cap. Participating solicitors offer to write basic wills, waiving their usual fee, while inviting clients to make a donation to Will Aid. Will Aid itself supports 9 charities: ActionAid, Age UK, British Red Cross, Christian Aid, NSPCC, Save the Children, SCIAF, Sightsavers and Trocaire.

With both schemes, you ,must book your slot with a participating solicitor in advance via the above websites. They're popular, so ensure you book early. Note that only basic wills are free. More complex affairs may still attract a charge. Always check with your solicitor before committing. You are under no obligation to donate to any of the charities mentioned above, or any your solicitor may be supporting.