Erik's story

Martin Hallett visited Denmark and Sweden in 2003 for some speaking engagements. The trip to Sweden was organised by Erik Johansson, a friend and member of TfT who is involved with a similar ministry in Sweden - Medvandrarna (‘walking alongside'). Erik is a 31 year old Lutheran pastor and it was a wonderful encouragement to see how honest he is about his own sexuality. There have been many articles about him in the Christian press in Sweden. Many evangelical Christian leaders have said how they wish Pastors in the UK, who have homosexual issues but believe Scripture forbids homosexual sex, would speak out more publicly in the way Erik has.

Martin took the opportunity to interview Erik about his life and ministry.

Medvandrarna was founded in 1994. If you would like to contact Erik direct their address is Box 6041, 700 06 Orebro, Sweden.