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Articles encouraging contentment in God

Happily Unmarried?

In our culture, people still assume everyone wants a husband or wife, or at least a partner. The majority view is that being in relationship is preferable to being single. We often refer to people as happily married. But when did you last hear someone described as happily unmarried?

Are there benefits to a struggle with same-sex attraction?

The Apostle Paul had a struggle - his “thorn in the flesh” - that God refused to take away (2 Cor 12:7-9). Although this was hard for Paul at the time, in due course he was able to recognise God’s purposes. Paul’s ongoing weaknesses and struggles made it clearer to others that Christ was working through him.

Can sexual orientation be changed?

Is becoming 'straight' a godly goal? For the Christian, exchanging one set of sexual temptations for another set is not really progress towards living a life that gives glory to God. Rather, God calls every Christian to behave within the sexual boundaries set out in the Bible. And God does not promise to take away our struggles.

Won’t a celibate life make me miserable?

Jesus came to give us life in all its fullness (John 10:10). So, obeying his will on sex and relationships should not lead to a miserable life. When it comes to our views on sex and celibacy, are we being influenced by God’s Word, or by the prevailing view of our culture?

Book review: "Satisfaction Guaranteed"

This book is aimed at helping same-sex attracted believers to hold on to a biblical, orthodox view of sexuality, and to walk that narrow way. The style of the book is easy, informal and conversational. It blends together relevant autobiography, popular culture references, good biblical exposition, accessible theological reflection, and wise, practical, pastoral counsel.

Growing in Grace

Although I'm not from a Christian background, I did grow up in a loving family. I listened intently to Gospel messages when I was 10 years old and started going to the church youth group, where I experienced God's love and started to grow in faith. My first memories of attraction and sexual feelings as a child were towards guys.

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