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West Midlands

National Conference 2017: "Jars of Clay"

In 2017, our annual National Conference will be from Friday 29th September to Sunday 1st October.

Our speakers will be Jonathan Berry and Rob Wood. They will share the four main teaching sessions between them. They plan to speak on the theme of "Jars of Clay", focusing on the God of surprising choices. Here are the session titles:

Session 1 - Friday (Rob) - "God chooses the worst of sinners"
Session 2 - Saturday (Jonathan) - "God chooses the most unlikely of candidates"
Session 3 - Saturday (Rob) - "God chooses the weakest of vessels"
Session 4 - Sunday (Jonathan) - "God chooses the most distant of enemies"

Seminar options

There are two optional seminars to attend on the Saturday. You can indicate your preference on the form below. Here are brief descriptions of each seminar.

  • "Embracing Truth amongst Itching Ears" by Stuart Parker
    Do you want to be refreshed on why we hold to the authentically biblical teaching on same-sex practice? Maybe you look on at figures from popular Christian culture who are changing their stance and wonder if there are good reasons to follow in their footsteps. In this seminar, we will explore the different theological approaches that are taken to justify a change in the historic doctrine and see why this clearly constitutes false teaching. Rob will also outline the orthodox, biblical teaching on same-sex practice as we see why we truly are the ones with the words of life.
  • "SSA and the Abundant Life" by Jeanette Howard
    Jeanette writes about her seminar: "A promise only carries weight if it is brought to fruition. While Satan offers to steal, kill, and destroy, Jesus promises His followers an abundant life (John 10:10). What does this abundant life look like, and can I live it even though I experience same-sex attraction?"


The event will be held at a conference centre in England. Details will be confirmed upon booking


The cost of attending the whole weekend is £160 per person, with other options available for those only able to come for part of the time. A 10% reduction is available until the Early Bird deadline on 6th September 2017. A 25% off discount is available only to Active Voluntary Workers, full-time students and those who are unwaged.


By restricting attendance at our events to Members, who have all agreed with our Basis and Code of Confidentiality, we ensure our events are safe for those attending to share in confidence. If you are already a TFT member, please click here to register your place.