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Can I be Happy as a Single Person?

In our culture, people still assume everyone wants a husband or wife, or at least a partner. The majority view is that being in relationship is preferable to being single. We often refer to people as happily married. But when did you last hear someone described as happily unmarried?

How should I reach out to LGBT people?

How do we share the good news of Jesus Christ with those who identify as LGBT? Unsurprisingly, the simple answer is in the same way as any other person! The gospel is powerful enough to work in the hearts of anyone, and those who identify as LGBT are not a special subset of people who require a different gospel.

Should I attend a Gay Wedding?

It is almost inevitable that a day will come when an invitation of this nature will drop on your doormat. It’s most likely that you will have been expecting this announcement and now the day has arrived. So, how should a person RSVP to the invitation if they hold strongly to the biblical definition of marriage as monogamous and heterosexual?

Review: "Messy Journey" by Lori Wildenberg

This is very much a book for parents of children who have taken what the book calls an ‘unexpected detour’. The author, Lori, has 25 years’ experience working with parents and families and the focus of the book is on her relationship with her adopted daughter Courtney, who struggles with gender identity and same-sex attraction.

Can Accountability Apps keep me pure?

In this article Ed and Jonny, two TFT members, discuss the benefits of accountability apps on their smartphones. In particular, they look at the dangers of smartphones and how these apps function and motivate pure online behaviour. There is also discussion of their effectiveness and their limitations.

Radical Inclusion (Anne's story)

I’ve always been pretty open about my struggles with sexuality, so I was up front from the start when I arrived at my church 9 years ago. In those days, there were only a few of us and we met in the minister’s house, so it was very easy to get to know people and build positive relationships.

Self-Control is Not an Impossible Goal

Many Christians have been deceived and sold a lie. The lie that it is simply not possible to control our bodies. Like all lies, it originates from the father of lies, Satan himself. Tragically, a lot of believers have all but given up on even trying to control themselves. Not least when it comes to sexual sin.

Why I reject the Side A & Side B Terminology

I’ve never liked the idea that you can divide Christians into Side A and Side B. What is, however, more disconcerting is that more and more orthodox Christians, who hold to the Scriptures teaching on sexual morality, seem to be buying into this use of language. Well then, what’s the harm?

Are there benefits to a struggle with same-sex attraction?

The Apostle Paul had a struggle - his “thorn in the flesh” - that God refused to take away (2 Cor 12:7-9). Although this was hard for Paul at the time, in due course he was able to recognise God’s purposes. Paul’s ongoing weaknesses and struggles made it clearer to others that Christ was working through him.