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Personal stories

Personal Stories

I was a male ballet dancer

But I’d also heard about Jesus in a way I’d never heard before, a Jesus who wasn’t just a fable with the goal of making me a better person, but Jesus who was God among us

"Why I pursued marriage"

Joe didn’t want to be ‘set up’ with anyone, and was expecting to live a life of singleness.

"Why I took dating off the menu"

Donald tells us of his experience of looking for marriage and embracing singleness.

God's strength in my weaknesses

Hannah tells us how God has used her experience of same-sex attraction to bring her closer to Him and the body of believers

Our marriage journey

In this article, we hear from Tony and Eileen and the challenges in their marriage.

A good marriage despite our struggles

This article tells of Catherine and Richard's struggles in their marriage.

God restored me

Liz tells her story of struggling to relate to other women, often finding that sexual attractions complicated them. God helped her to see herself as He saw her, and also healed the relationships that had been damaged.

God loves me as I am

John shares his story of the guilt he faced with his same-sex attractions. Through finding acceptance at TFT, he found much greater freedom as no-one was telling him that his sexuality needed to change any more. Whilst continuing to battle temptation, like any Christian, John found a much greater contentment.

Finding Acceptance

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). As a young child, I sang this well-known scripture verse along with a cassette tape of Bible songs. My mom interrupted me, saying, “You shouldn’t sing that! It’s too negative.” That moment encapsulates how my family, and even my church, felt about sin. It was something we didn’t talk about, or even think about, and certainly not something we ever did.