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An article that looks in particular at understanding biblical teaching

Should I attend a Gay Wedding?

It is almost inevitable that a day will come when an invitation of this nature will drop on your doormat. It’s most likely that you will have been expecting this announcement and now the day has arrived. So, how should a person RSVP to the invitation if they hold strongly to the biblical definition of marriage as monogamous and heterosexual?

Why I reject the Side A & Side B Terminology

I’ve never liked the idea that you can divide Christians into Side A and Side B. What is, however, more disconcerting is that more and more orthodox Christians, who hold to the Scriptures teaching on sexual morality, seem to be buying into this use of language. Well then, what’s the harm?

A brief critique of Queer Theology

This article offers a brief critique of the movement known as queer theology, by analysing two of its main distinctive features. The two distinctive features we will analyse are firstly the broadness of queer theology and its unity of purpose and secondly, its aim of blurring boundaries in the areas of sex and gender.

"What does the Bible really teach about Homosexuality?"

This is a convincing and well-written book on why the orthodox reading of the Bible on sex and relationships is right. It's highly readable and is written with real clarity and grace - De Young doesn't come across as if he has an axe to grind – just a genuine desire for people to hold to the truth.

Book review: "Satisfaction Guaranteed"

This book is aimed at helping same-sex attracted believers to hold on to a biblical, orthodox view of sexuality, and to walk that narrow way. The style of the book is easy, informal and conversational. It blends together relevant autobiography, popular culture references, good biblical exposition, accessible theological reflection, and wise, practical, pastoral counsel.

The ABC of Wise Living

Fear can be a restrictive, negative emotion. The fear I experienced on my first – and only! – roller coaster ride meant that I’ve never risked another one. Fear limits us and can stop us from doing certain things or enjoying certain experiences. And yet, we are continually urged in the Scriptures to fear God.

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