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An article that looks in particular at understanding biblical teaching

Vicky Beeching's 'Undivided' trap

Vicky Beeching's book “Undivided” tells the story of her life as a teenager and then as an adult, struggling with marrying up her evangelical theology and emerging sexuality. This review responds to the revisionist theology woven throughout the book and describes how some evangelicals are falling into the ‘undivided trap’.

In God We Trust

To trust in God is a wonderful thing. For the Christian who is called to stay celibate because of enduring same-sex attractions, this call can reveal where the person's trust really lies. Do we trust that God knows best even when He denies us what we desire?

Navigating gender stereotypes

Christians can still struggle with gender stereotypes. Unable just to choose a different gender, as some would now advocate, we can be left wondering how to navigate any struggles with gender stereotypes while still remaining faithful to our biblical worldview. We should enjoy the freedom of not having to reach every cultural standard of masculinity and femininity.

"Chasing Contentment - Trusting God in a Discontented Age"

This insightful and thought-provoking book is apt for our spiritually hungry age where both Christians and non-Christians are easily caught out by searching for contentment in the wrong places. There have been countless Christians who have struggled with contentment and satisfaction throughout history and the author draws extensively on the wisdom of writers from centuries past.

"Faith in a Time of Crisis"

This short but meaty book is a useful summary of much of the distilled wisdom of Vaughan Roberts. The book grapples with the debate raging in the Global Anglican Church, but the questions posed by Roberts deserve consideration by all of us seeking to get to grips with the fast-changing nature of sexual ethics in our society.

Rob answers questions about his life
Rob Wood, TFT's Head of Speaking and Teaching, answers questions about his own life in this video. He describes his own journey as a same-sex attracted person to becoming a Christian. Then he covers topics such as the revisionist teaching, the gift of singleness and faithful living as a celibate man.
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