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Introduction to TFT

This video introduces our ministry through the experiences of four of our members: Anne, Caz, Chris and Robert.

We filmed this video in October 2016, and it was the culmination of a period of fundraising and looking for volunteers to feature in it.

We were really pleased with our team of Anne, Caz, Chris and Robert. This group of people represented both men and women; different backgrounds; various regions of the UK; and of course four unique stories. We also had invaluable advice and support from Sandra, who brought her media expertise and found us a wonderful venue in which to film the interviews.

On Saturday 15th October 2016, our four interviewees gathered in London for the filming. We knew it was going to be a challenge to film all four interviews and do all the ‘B-roll’ (footage of driving, shopping, cooking and contemplating!) all in one day. We had our fair share of challenges on the day, including issues with background noise and needing to rescue the fish in the fish tank! Robert brought his culinary skills to the video, cooking us a delicious paella for lunch, which became a real visual feature of the film.

The next challenge for Luke, our filmmaker, was to edit down almost two hours of interview footage, plus B-roll, to a five minute video. It was hard to leave behind so much excellent material, but our intention for the video was never to tell the comprehensive stories of our interviewees, but rather to give a taste of the impact that TFT has had on the lives of four of our members. One challenge was trying to communicate the right balance between being accepting, non-judgemental and inclusive (which TFT tries to be), as well as standing firm on biblical truth and refusing to compromise to cultural pressure (which TFT also seeks to be).

We now have what we believe to be an excellent video in under five minutes that is a great showcase for TFT. It features on our website and our speaking team will be using it during speaking engagements at churches, youth groups, Bible colleges and conferences as a warm introduction to our ministry. We have always found that our personal stories are a powerful way of presenting our position on an emotive subject, and we think that this video will encourage people to find out more. It’s not seeking to explain all the services that we offer, but rather to intrigue people and lead them to find out more about what we do.