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"Faith in a Time of Crisis"

This short but meaty book is a useful summary of much of the distilled wisdom of Vaughan Roberts. The book grapples with the debate raging in the Global Anglican Church, but the questions posed by Roberts deserve consideration by all of us seeking to get to grips with the fast-changing nature of sexual ethics in our society.

What will it be like to grow old alone?

We can feel very alone at any time in our lives. Many single people, looking to the future, begin to worry about growing old. How will we cope as we become frail and perhaps ill? Our minds can fill with concerns about mobility, suffering pain and being unable to do simple things for ourselves.

Single, old and alone? (John and Charlie discuss)

Two men of different ages (John, 67, and Charlie, 22) put questions to each other about what singleness has meant to their life and what it means to them now. John asks Charlie about his hopes for the future and shares how he has found contentment over the years.

Freedom from shame

Shame is the ever-present voice that tells you that you are unlovable, unworthy and inherently flawed. Jeanette writes in this article of how, in her early years, shame weighed upon her and left her feeling isolated. Later she came to see herself through Jesus' eyes and this liberated her from this most crushing of emotions.

What makes a church welcoming to singles?

For many unmarried people, church can feel like an unwelcoming experience. This article addresses some of the features of church life where singles, particularly those with enduring same-sex attractions, can feel marginalised. It explores how the church activity programme, the approach to teaching, and everyday church life, can affect the welcome for single people.

Single, old and alone? (Nic's story)

Everyone in my immediate family was happily married by the age of 22. I am the black sheep. Your thirties is that time of life when everyone seems to be getting married and you seem to be waving goodbye to them all from your dusty shelf. What do I have to look forward to?

Rob answers questions about his life
Rob Wood, TFT's Head of Speaking and Teaching, answers questions about his own life in this video. He describes his own journey as a same-sex attracted person to becoming a Christian. Then he covers topics such as the revisionist teaching, the gift of singleness and faithful living as a celibate man.
"God and the Transgender Debate"

Andrew T Walker has written a warm and pastoral book on the issue of transgender. He starts by setting out the context of cultural trends, gender language and where we get our authority from. He then looks at the Bible, both at individual passages and also the broad themes that go through it.

"A Better Story - God, Sex and Human Flourishing"

In this helpful book, Glynn Harrison firstly sets out where we are today. Then he sets out how to tell a better story that speaks into values of our society. This will equip us to respond to a world that has been failed by the so-called 'sexual revolution' and instead tell a truly better story.