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Review: "Undivided" by Vicky Beeching

Vicky Beeching's book “Undivided” tells the story of her life as a teenager and then as an adult, struggling with marrying up her evangelical theology and emerging sexuality. This review responds to the revisionist theology woven throughout the book and describes how some evangelicals are falling into the ‘undivided trap’.

In God We Trust

To trust in God is a wonderful thing. For the Christian who is called to stay celibate because of enduring same-sex attractions, this call can reveal where the person's trust really lies. Do we trust that God knows best even when He denies us what we desire?

Body and Mind both Reflect who we Are

This article starts by looking at some of the cultural trends that have left us disconnected from our bodies and then explores the significance of our bodies and what they can tell us about ourselves. It also reviews the apparent tensions between mind and body – how much do our bodies show us who we are?

Finding Peace with my Gender

Keith recalls feeling envious of girls during my childhood - prior to adolescence - and seeking to mimic their play and appearance; he would have preferred to be a girl rather than a boy. In this honest article, Keith describes his journey through several marriages and mental health battles to eventually finding peace in his identity as a Christian.

Navigating gender stereotypes

Christians can still struggle with gender stereotypes. Unable just to choose a different gender, as some would now advocate, we can be left wondering how to navigate any struggles with gender stereotypes while still remaining faithful to our biblical worldview. We should enjoy the freedom of not having to reach every cultural standard of masculinity and femininity.

Review: "Chasing Contentment" by Erik Raymond

This insightful and thought-provoking book is apt for our spiritually hungry age where both Christians and non-Christians are easily caught out by searching for contentment in the wrong places. There have been countless Christians who have struggled with contentment and satisfaction throughout history and the author draws extensively on the wisdom of writers from centuries past.

Review: "Single Gay Christian" by Gregory Coles

This autobiography is a deeply personal and honest picture of a man who wants to find fulfilment in Christ and pursue a life of celibacy by taking up his cross. He shows us that there is beauty and joy in sacrifice. Celibacy is a call to longing for something greater than sex.

Beyond Sexuality

Although I have always been attracted to girls, I have never wanted a same-sex relationship. Choosing to be single used to seem like a ‘forced choice’ – and the loneliness and isolation that accompanied it were things that just had to be endured. Now, I see my singleness as a profound opportunity.

Review: "Think Again" by Jared Mellinger

This is a very practical, intelligent yet accessible read on the issue of introspection. “Think Again” sets us free from looking at our faults and releases us to look outwards and upwards to Christ. The style is uncomplicated, humorous at times and peppered with personal experiences.