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Welcomed back into God's family

I love the story of the prodigal son, the way his father ran towards him with open arms, ready to welcome him back after his years of wasted opportunity. And that’s exactly what God did for me four years ago, just before my 49th birthday - God welcomed me back into his family.

Review: "Gay Girl, Good God" by Jackie Hill Perry

Jackie Hill Perry’s background as a poet and rapper is clearly reflected in the pages of her book "Gay Girl, Good God", with her poetic and striking use of language to portray both her joy in God and the struggles and sorrow that she has experienced.

How Reading Liberally helps me to Grow

I’ve never needed much encouragement to read. But for a long time I felt nervous of touching anything that might have a hint of sexuality about it, because doing so might either expose my own struggles with my sexuality or increase the intensity of those feelings. But now I've changed my mind and my practice.

Not Awakening Romantic Love Before its Time

In the midst of all the poetry in the book of Song of Songs, I have been struck by a very practical teaching that is stated three times: “Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires”. This implies that it is unwise to allow this love to develop prematurely.

Review: "Unwanted" by Jay Stringer

Written by American mental-health counsellor and ordained minister Jay Stringer. The book explores the processes of how we begin to “understand our lust”, seeing our present-day sexual fantasies and behaviours as road maps that can help us to understand our unresolved experiences from the past.

How Music Stirs our Hearts Towards God

From the very first gathering of God’s redeemed people by the Red Sea, until the final, complete gathering of God’s people before His throne, God’s people are characterised as people who sing. Music has a power to lift our spirits, teach us, encourage us, and train our hearts in gratitude to God.

Porn, Pleasure and Purity: The Perspective of a Woman

Pornography, masturbation, sexual fantasy, lustful thoughts... They’re just men’s issues, aren’t they? The ways in which women struggle may often be subtly different to our male counterparts, but the fundamental issues of our sinful hearts seeking fulfilment in the wrong places are just the same.

Motivations for Holy Living

The word holiness can give rise to thoughts of legalism. Rightly teaching the Bible truth on ethics and godly behaviour can so easily cause others to consider us dour or legalistic. Keeping in mind all this confusion around the command “be holy”, we must remind ourselves of some fundamental motivations for holy living.

Review: "A War of Loves" by David Bennett

David Bennett was attracted to other boys from the age of 14, and so had issues with Christianity because he felt if he was to become a Christian he couldn’t act on his romantic inclinations. He became a gay activist in Australia in support of gay marriage. But, “Jesus did not stay tidily out of [his] life.”