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Review: "Is God Anti-Gay?" by Sam Allberry

Many books are probably too long. However, whilst Sam Allberry is extensive in the scope of what he covers and profound in some of his comments, he keeps this book brief. This book would be suitable for just about anyone and is ideal for a first book to read on this subject, although it does have some great insights for those who have read around on the subject too. It's a great book to buy and give away or lend, since it only takes an hour or so to read.

The book engages well with the topic of same-sex attraction. As the title suggests, though, it goes beyond a restatement of the orthodox Christian position on the matter to address plenty of the reasonable-sounding objections to this position. Writing as a person with same-sex attraction himself, Sam also gives this book credibility for those struggling with this subject personally.

This book would be good material for a study group to use. The brevity of the book means that it is unable to be exhaustive on each topic, but it certainly provides plenty of discussion starters.

Here is Sam explaining the book:

Here is another review of the book:

"Is God anti-gay?" by Sam Allberry
88 pages
Published in July 2013 by the Good Book Company