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He thinks he might be gay!

In this conversation, Jamie (a same-sex attracted TFT member) talks to his good friend Matt about how they have each encouraged one another through their friendship.

Review: "Still time to care" By Greg Johnson

He wants to see celibate gay people more visible in our churches to show that we do not hate gay people.

How can TFT become more diverse?

As Christians, God calls us to reach out to people all over the world and to make Jesus known.

I was a male ballet dancer

But I’d also heard about Jesus in a way I’d never heard before, a Jesus who wasn’t just a fable with the goal of making me a better person, but Jesus who was God among us

Who's missing from our churches?

It marks an opportunity to think especially about how we grow God’s kingdom and show more of who Jesus is in the year ahead.

Review: "People not Pronouns" By Andrew Bunt

"People not pronouns" By Andrew Bunt, explores our responses to people's experience of gender in a careful and pastoral way.

"Why I pursued marriage"

Joe didn’t want to be ‘set up’ with anyone, and was expecting to live a life of singleness.

"Why I took dating off the menu"

Donald tells us of his experience of looking for marriage and embracing singleness.

John Stott on Singleness

"If marriage is good, singleness is also good".In this extract from an interview with John Stott shares some thoughts and reflections on his single life.