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Review "Take care of yourself" by Pablo Martinez

There is a small section of my bookshelves that is designated “Helpful books with unhelpful titles”! I think I’m going to be adding this book to that shelf. 

Falling down and getting up

If you have never heard of Alexander Whyte, let me introduce him to you. He was Moderator of the Free Church of Scotland in the latter years of the nineteenth century, and he is one of my heroes.I’ve been a Christian for a very long time, and I’ve constantly struggled with same-sex attraction. I’m in my seventies now and I reflect in this article on how I’ve survived, both spiritually and emotionally.

Persevering through challenges

The week, before my daughter’s sports day, we practised her race on a local running track. She had signed up to run the 200m, and wanted to feel prepared for the big day. So we put our trainers on and headed to the track. As we set off together, I explained the importance of starting well and finding a comfortable pace she could maintain. She set off well, worked up to a sprint and stayed strong. Her pace slowed a little as we approached the corner, so my encouragement came loud and clear. “You can do this. Keep going!” I cheered.

Are you a good waiter?

What sort of waiter are you? I’m not a very good one.

Have you ever joined in with a group singing, “Why are we waiting?” Perhaps you were hungry, the food had not yet arrived and you were impatient! We live in a culture of impatience.

Accountability software

in this article Jon helpfully considers software for accountability purposes

Review "The Common Rule" by Justin Whitmel Earley

Who sets our agenda, God or our smartphone? This is the challenging and timely question that Justin Whitmel Earley asks in his book, ‘The Common Rule’ tagged as a program of habits designed to form us in the love of God and neighbour. Earley writes the book as a response to the endless business of modern life and to fight back against the dominance of technology that seems to be all-encompassing in this day and age.

My retreat from technology

One of the best things I ever did to nurture my relationship with God was to attend a four-day silent retreat. Let me explain.

Avoiding Tech snares

This article describes several snares we can fall into when using technology, whilst remembering all the positives it can bring into our lives.

Looking for online community

Simon reflects on using online groups and our walk with Jesus