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Articles covering issues of identity

Is My Church Homophobic

Did that title catch your eye? I’m being deliberately provocative. To be honest, I’m not a fan of the word homophobic. It has too many violent and broad connotations that make me feel uncomfortable about using it when discussing my experience of church. And yet I have struggled to find another word that is useful when discussing the fear, anger, prejudice and mistrust I have experienced because of my same-sex attractions...

"LGBT & The Church" by Dr Preston Sprinkle

This is a review of a recent video course produced by the US-based Center for Faith, Sexuality & Gender. The organisation is led by Preston Sprinkle. He has written several well-balanced books, including “People to be loved”...

Why Does My ‘Private’ Sin Hurt The Church?

‘Whatever people choose to do in the privacy of their own bedroom...’ 

I wonder if you’ve heard challenges that begin like that. It’s taken as a given, especially in the political realm, that private actions are just that. They need not impact others in any way. As Christians we can fall into a private/public dichotomy too. Perhaps that’s because it can be uncomfortable to consider...

"Swipe Up" By Jason Roach

We are bombarded by stories, songs and visions of what fulfilling relationships look like on TV, film, Spotify, social media and in books. We absorb the story they tell us about our sexuality and how it is to be enjoyed. That story shapes our hearts. “Swipe Up” invites us to hear God’s better story, how He offers a superior satisfaction and has a justifiably prior claim upon us. Jason honestly, humbly and personally tells that story through his own journey so that we, to use Ed Shaw’s words, “gaze upon God’s reality and His better love stories”.

Walking in Faith

There was a time when I lived a gay lifestyle, but that all changed, very gradually, when it became clear that God wanted me to live differently, as a celibate man. Through His grace, God has sustained me in that commitment. Now, looking back, I can see just how the Lord was working in my life...

Challenging My Spiritual Mentor

Once you’ve come to terms with your own Same-Sex Attraction (SSA), deciding how to share that with others can be hard, particularly within your church family. Whom do you tell? Which person do you start with? For me, it started with my closest friend, followed by a few others. Then it became clear that I needed to tell my mentor, who was my student pastor...

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