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Is TFT helping or harming?

Some people have suggested that TFT is harmful, homophobic, coerces people or operates from a place of fear. Such concerns are important to reflect upon. It’s a tragedy whenever someone purporting to be a disciple of Christ subjects others to pain, trauma or distress. So, how does TFT protect those that it comes into contact with from harm?

Review: "No Longer Strangers" by Greg Coles

This book explores what it means for us to belong; where we belong, to whom we belong and to what we belong. Overall, the book explores the theme of belonging in a really warm and engaging way; it’s very easy to read but is full of meaningful help.

Does every church need a support group?

Brian explains the value of having a support group in his church for same-sex attracted believers, to help them feel heard and safe. But he goes on to explain that ultimately the church should outgrow its need for such a group as the whole church becomes an increasingly welcoming place for LGBT people.

How we can love one another

This article explores how practically we can love one another, even when we might feel reluctant to come close to other people for a range of reasons. As Christians, we are called to follow Jesus' example, who always had time for others.

Timothy: Guardian of the gospel

Come with me back to 17 AD to a young man... Timothy's background of Judaism and paganism made him a perfect student for Paul, who recognised in Timothy an uncompromising faithfulness to the word of God...

Finding Acceptance

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). As a young child, I sang this well-known scripture verse along with a cassette tape of Bible songs. My mom interrupted me, saying, “You shouldn’t sing that! It’s too negative.” That moment encapsulates how my family, and even my church, felt about sin. It was something we didn’t talk about, or even think about, and certainly not something we ever did.

Review: "Boy Erased" directed by Joel Edgerton

This film presents some shocking and damaging abuse of a young man Jared. Donald explains the impact the film had on him and whether he would recommend others to watch it.

Responding in faith to a hostile world

In the face of hostility, it’s easy to get stuck in one defensive posture, reacting to everyone outside our tribe in the same rigid way. In this article I’ll be reviewing four possible responses we can have to hostility: compromise, silence, withdrawal and confrontation. Looking at each of them in turn, I’ll be identifying when they can be valuable, but also showing the harm that comes by taking the response too far.

Review: "Embodied” by Preston Sprinkle

This is an ideal book both for Christians to read to learn more about transsexuality, and to give to those who identify as trans, irrespective of what they think about God. This is a book that, despite my high expectations and medical background, did not disappoint me in any way. Its pages flow with humanity, understanding and both biblical and scientific truth.