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Finding my safe space

I came out to a couple of my non-Christian friends as “bi”, and I told them not to tell anyone else, which they respected.

A good marriage despite our struggles

This article tells of Catherine and Richard's struggles in their marriage.

Radical Relationships

Our society puts much weight on our ‘relationship status’. This article explores what the Bible says about having radical relationships, whether we are single or married.

Review: "Jesus, lover of my soul" by Julian Hardyman

Julian Hardyman’s book “Jesus, Lover of My Soul: Fresh Pathways to Spiritual Passion” deep dives into the idea of Jesus as a Lover, primarily through the Song of Songs. Hardyman takes care to show how “the Song” (as he refers to it) is not just an exploration of human love but also divine love, not just in terms of Jesus’ love for the church, but on an individual and very personal level. 

Can an overseas ministry really care?

Living in France, I have received so much great help and comfort from TFT that I had to be careful not to get too used to it and keep looking for fellowship closer to home. Being cared for by a remote ministry got me wondering about God’s ministry to us. Is it a near or a remote one?

God restored me

Liz tells her story of struggling to relate to other women, often finding that sexual attractions complicated them. God helped her to see herself as He saw her, and also healed the relationships that had been damaged.

What does it really mean to care?

Caring is (of course) a biblical concept. The two senses of “care” in the English language are mirrored in our practical experience of caring. Showing concern and kindness to others comes with a cost, and caring people are often prone to experience their care and compassion for others morphing into burdens for themselves that they cannot carry.

Betrothed to Christ

As I was preparing it, I just sensed the Lord saying, “betrothed not married - betrothed". This interview with Jeanette explores the idea of being betrothed to Christ, particularly looking at the ancient Jewish betrothal process. Jeanette draws out the parallels with the situation of all Christians, as they await being fully united with Christ in the life to come.

God loves me as I am

John shares his story of the guilt he faced with his same-sex attractions. Through finding acceptance at TFT, he found much greater freedom as no-one was telling him that his sexuality needed to change any more. Whilst continuing to battle temptation, like any Christian, John found a much greater contentment.